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Creative projects deserve creative audio. Sound design looks past the obvious to underlying themes to tell your story, capture your audience, and make an even more incredible product.

You have a story to tell. A message to convey. A call to action. Make sure your message stays as true to itself as possible. Tell your story with the best sound possible, and the people will listen.

Sawa Sound has all of your audio related needs covered. Whether you’re a solo artist or a producer/director looking at your next big project, your project deserves best audio production possible!

From the clarity and power of the human voice to a full on feature length film mix, Sawa Sound has you covered from ear to ear.

An all in one stop for your audio production needs:
  • Pre-Production
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  • Film
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Got a project that needs a little sonic love and care? Send us an email and we can start you on your road to audio excellence!

Feature Work
KLONDIKE Klondike has been both my largest and highest profile project to date. This historical drama is Discovery Channel’s first venture into dramatic series and was headed by executive producer Ridley Scott.  This project proved to be my most memorable professional challenge to date as I edited 3 feature-length film durations’ worth of sound effects in just a few short months working internationally with Canadian-based post-production Propeller Studios and UK based Boom Post.
Top Cat Begins Animation is a sound designer’s dream.  There is no production sound, dialogue recorded on location, so the sound is constructed from the ground up.  Top Cat Begins is a prequel story of Hanna Barbera’s wise talking Top Cat from the ‘60s.  I was asked to design and edit the sound effects of the more comedic moments for the prestigious Arte Sonico in Mexico City.
World cup: the rhythm of the game (victory pictures) 2014 world cup It was my extreme pleasure to work with the Six Degrees team on one of their video projects for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. I flew into Calgary from Vancouver and within the hour of touching down at the YYC airport I was at the studio working overnight with head engineer John Iaquinta on sound design for an inspiring video that aired on ABC and ESPN for the World Cup quarter finals the following morning.
El Espectro / Demon Inside This was my greatest professional endeavor to date. As the sole sound designer and editor for this film, I was incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to be offered international travel to Mexico City to work in studio with Alejandro de Icaza of Arte Sonico on this artistic horror movie distributed by Lionsgate Films

“John delivered an excellent soundscape for my film and the result was better than I ever hoped it would be. Not only was the work meticulous, but it was incredibly creative as well. John helped create a unique feel to the film and added a great deal to the film's story with his soundscapes... I would recommend John to colleagues without hesitation...”

-William Carne, Director/Producer at Earth Orbit Productions

“John Sawa is currently the lead sound designer at [Hora Morior], not only because of his high caliber sound skills but also his great attention to detail and punctuality. Even under the most demanding turn around I am always amazed with the sonic detail and uniqueness of his work...”

-Christopher Ray, Founder, and Creative Director at Hora Morior Productions

“John has been great to work with, very reliable and professional, and has been easy going and accommodating each time we have worked together. He has also been very creative, conscientious, and thorough on each project - he gets it!...”

-Frank Larratta, Founder, Owner, and Sound Supervisor at Propeller Studios

“[John's] ear for sound effects is incomparable. John not only works well with others… but is equally effective working independently. With little instructions he created exactly what was needed for every SFX required...” 

-David Maxwell

“[John] is very professional, and knew exactly what we needed for our project whenever we met together... His quality and response has been great, with fast turnaround.  I know wherever he goes, he will pump inspiration and drive into anything he works on...”

-Taylor Leach

 “[John] gives us great results and has taken our work to a new level. I highly recommend John as an easygoing addition to your team, who also has an admirable amount of attention to the details that give good results...”

-Katherine Dodds, Founder/Creative Director at Hello Cool World

“Serious about his work, but always fun to have around, I enjoyed my time with John at Sharpe Sound immensely. Aside from editing he's a fantastic recordist and he's always setting up excursions to go out and expand his ever growing library. Truly dedicated to his craft.”

-Kris Fenske, Sound Designer / Editor at Formosa Group

“John Sawa… is serious with a wonderful sense of humour and would be a welcome addition to any sound team.”

-Robert Grieve, Hollywood Sound Supervisor

“Creative and intuitive for getting it just right. It really is a pleasure to work with someone in the field who feels out your ideas into a great design for whatever the project.”

-Rodolfo Gallegos JR., Art Director

“John Sawa brought {my work} to life all the ambience of the piece but also added an layer of a unique sonic experience to it. John was very creative when approaching the challenge and open to any requests when needed. I'm sure he will continue to surprise and entertain the audience with his art and will ensure the highest quality of work within any time frame and budget.”

-Christian Smith, Senior Layout Artist at Travelers Tales

“John dedicates himself to every project that he works on and he has a drive to succeed. I highly recommend John Sawa as a Sound Designer and I have a lot of faith in his abilities as a Sound Designer as well as his ability to work well with clients.”

-Robbie Elias, Sr. Sound Designer, Field Recordist, Implementer, 343 Industries

“John Sawa… is a talented audio technician who you can rely on for a wide range of sound services. I've hired him (via Hello Cool World) to capture audio in studios and on location. He's also done lots of post-production work for HCW encompassing radio ads and final mixes for video projects. I have always been happy with John's work, and look forward to an opportunity where we can work together again.”

-Bella Sie, Cast Care, The Bachelorette Canada